In today’s ever-increasingly digital environment, it’s easy to shore up information on just about any topic. However, being able to find the right information for a specific audience and providing it in a way that makes sense can be challenging for those who didn’t spend years in school studying instructional design (ID).

In 40 Useful Takeaways for Deepening Your ID Skills, design experts from this past February’s Deepening Your ID Skills Online Conference share the five most critical points from each of their sessions. Explore 40 tips, tricks, and takeaways for designing engaging and impactful learning experiences. This eBook is the perfect resource for anyone either looking to develop new design skills or looking to refresh and expand their ID knowledge.

Explore key takeaways from sessions such as:

  • Designing for Different Abilities with Diane Elkins
  • 10 Creative Alternatives to Traditional Online Training with Trina Rimmer
  • Assessing the Knowledge Gap: Building Assessments Based on Objectives with Emily Wood
  • Using Campaign Blueprints and Course Maps in Modern Blended Learning with Jennifer Hofmann
  • Engagement Escalation: A Gameful Approach to ID with Valary Oleinik
  • Designing for Augmented Reality (AR) with Destery Hildenbrand
  • Gathering SME Stories to Craft Relevant and Engaging Scenarios with Christy Tucker
  • “Did it Work?”—Data Strategy for Instructional Design with Sean Putnam & Janet Laane Effron

Download your free copy today and discover tips and tricks you can use to bring new life to your learning solutions.

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