Mercury Studio is launching—a fun, interactive mobile learning tool that works like flash cards on steroids. Co-founder and director of innovations Zac Ball describes FLIP’s mobile training capabilities as “microlearning with macro results.” Mercury Studio is punctuating the launch of FLIP with an interactive exhibit (Booth 129) at this year’s DevLearn Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mercury Studio is an experienced, full-service eLearning and web development agency known for cross-breeding vision and innovation with online technology.

Knowing that by 2020 there will be 105.4 million mobile workers, and that 1 percent of a typical work week is all the time employees have to focus on training, Ball wanted to find a solution for the critical onboarding challenges that most companies and employees face.

“From budgetary constraints, allotting the necessary time for training, accessing training materials, keeping content current, to employee retention,” Ball says, “there’s a lot of missed opportunities. FLIP allows companies to get valuable training and information to employees at the point of need.”

He explains: “FLIP is the solution. It’s easy to integrate existing resources, and it’s engaging, while delivering bite-sized pieces of information. It gives a concise summary of your content in smart FLIP cards, grouped by subject decks and topic categories.”

For training professionals, what makes most valuable is its ease of use, real-time updates and alerts, robust search capabilities, certification feature, reporting with LRS integration, automatic gamification, and individual customization. Employees can stack the deck in their favor by “tucking” away those content cards that provide on-the-job support and information most valuable to them and the role they play in the organization. It’s as simple as a tap and a swipe. 

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