The cloud-based eLearning tool Koantic will be at DevLearn to present the new features that will be rolled out in its next release. Koantic is updating the tool to create an end-to-end experience for video learning creators. To do so, the company is working on a mobile app to capture content more easily with a simple way to send it to the cloud, as well as enriching its web-based audio/video studio to give a complete course-building experience. The Koantic team is also maximizing their efforts to let users gamify their videos, and they’re adding more interactions to make the videos more engaging.

In addition to these new features, Koantic’s web-based platform lets users use drag-and-drop to import, customize, and publish HTML5 eLearning video content. In addition to its video editing tools, Koantic offers quiz-making tools and real-time collaboration, and it comes equipped with a library of responsive and mobile-ready templates you can customize to fit any brand. The company is focusing on the most common usage for video editing that will remove the need, in most cases, for external video editing software. With everything available on one screen, Koantic makes building interactive eLearning courses with video more accessible to content creators. Koantic solves the challenges eLearning content creators face when adding custom videos to their eLearning courses.

“With attention spans now shorter than they’ve ever been, it’s not surprising that video has taken over the digital landscape. Unfortunately, for most companies, video is still perceived as too costly and/or too complicated,” said Romain Gagnon, Koantic CEO. “Today’s authoring tools are still too complex for the vast majority of users, so we’ve developed a user-friendly authoring tool to create video-based eLearning courses with ease. Koantic is uniquely positioned to provide the authoring tool that enables anyone to gamify their videos without the need for expensive software or video experts.”  

With companies focusing more and more on microlearning, Koantic strives to serve this need with its product suite built with these four pillars in mind: interactive videos, ease of use (all in one window), real-time collaboration, and mobile friendliness. Koantic wants to help businesses create better and more engaging video courses for their employees.  

About Koantic

Koantic is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that lets you create interactive eLearning video courses with the ease of drag and drop. By eliminating the need for external video editing software, Koantic makes building interactive eLearning courses with video more accessible to content creators. See Koantic in expo booth 133 at DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo, November 16 – 18 in Las Vegas.

For more info, contact Romain Gagnon, Koantic CEO and co-founder, at +1.514.443.0436 or