DENVER, CO, February 24, 2016. SkillStore announced the launch of its social-learning app that helps companies improve their employees’ communication and leadership skills. Over the past nine months, SkillStore worked with leading companies like Western Union, SAP, and Comcast to build its product, which is now deployed in over 40 countries. Now it is launching publicly, and to celebrate its launch SkillStore is offering popular modules from its app “free forever” to anyone who signs up by March 31.

“Soft skills are on top of the list of skills that employers seek, and tens of billions of dollars are spent on training for these skills each year,” said Srikant Vasan, co-founder and CEO of SkillStore. Yet many studies show that approximately 80 percent of that training is wasted. “Today’s training methods, both in-person and online, have severe shortcomings,” said Vasan. “SkillStore offers a better way: Build on solid learning science principles to enable active learning—with live video practice and peer feedback.”

Joshua Craver, vice president of talent management at Western Union added, “What separates SkillStore is that, unlike other online learning solutions that focus on providing content, SkillStore enables live video practice with peer feedback. People don’t just watch videos and take quizzes—they practice with each other through the app. Apart from being a more effective way to build critical skills, this helps Western Union managers in countries around the world feel more connected with each other—as they learn together.” Employees don’t work in isolation; they shouldn’t learn in isolation either.

You can access SkillStore’s app anywhere—over the Web or on mobile devices—to build a range of soft skills. Covering topics from hiring to leading teams, communications, change management, and beyond, SkillStore can help build a broad range of interpersonal skills needed for career success. Companies of any size, from Fortune 500 to startups, can deploy its cloud-based service within minutes.

“Smart innovation is in our DNA and operating philosophy,” said Manish Sitania, head of worldwide HR and operations for eGain Corporation, a leader in cloud customer-engagement solutions with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. “SkillStore offers a novel way for us to scale soft-skills quickly and easily across individual contributors and managers in our workforce, and a simple way to keep track of how our employees are building these critical skills. Recording video responses to real-life scenarios, and receiving feedback on their responses from their peers is much more effective than simply watching a video.”

SkillStore is welcoming everyone to “sign up for free forever”—by themselves or with their teams. This offer is open until March 31.

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SkillStore’s social-learning app helps professionals develop great business skills so their companies can drive real results. SkillStore enables active, experiential learning through interactive video-based practice with peers to build leadership, communications, and management skills that are both effective and scalable. Users in over 40 countries access SkillStore from their laptops, smartphones, or tablets for a variety of soft skills training. More info is available at

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