At the co-located 2015 events mLearnCon and Performance Support Symposium in Austin, Texas, The eLearning Guild announced two new Guild Masters. In addition, nine demonstrations were chosen as winners at the mLearning DemoFest held during mLearnCon.

Be sure to register for and attend the Best of mLearning DemoFest Webinar at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1:00 PM Eastern) tomorrow! This is your chance to see the demonstrations that took top honors at this year’s conference and meet their creators!

Guild Master Awards

The eLearning Guild is a community of practice for those involved in eLearning and learning technologies. Our goal is to enable members to share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas with other members—and our success is dependent on members’ willingness to do so. The purpose of the Guild Master Award is to recognize those members who have consistently contributed to the community in terms of both quantity and quality of content—and thus helped make the community a vibrant center for learning.

The eLearning Guild is proud to announce the latest Guild Master Awards, presented at mLearnCon 2015.

Chad Udell

Chad Udell has pushed the eLearning industry forward by challenging the assumptions that many practitioners have made about learning and support on mobile devices. Chad’s contributions have helped us understand and take advantage of the possibilities that exist through the mobile technology that is such a huge part of lives worldwide. His books, Mastering Mobile Learning and Learning Everywhere, have highlighted these new solutions. The Guild Master award recognizes his contributions to the Guild community and to the growth of the industry in the mobile space.

Chad Udell receives the Guild Master Award at mLearnCon 2015

Frank Nguyen

The performance support conversation has grown greatly over the last few years as technology has sparked new interest and enabled new applications in this important field. As the Guild saw this dynamic growth happening we decided to support it and spread the word, but we needed a partner with the vision and experience needed to make this happen. Without Frank Nguyen, our newest Guild Master, there would be no Performance Support Symposium today. For many years Frank has been a leader in performance support, contributing to its growth and helping people to understand that this is what we need to be thinking about in order to transform the way we get results in workplace organizations. It is most fitting that The eLearning Guild recognizes Frank Nguyen for his contributions.

Frank Nguyen receives the Guild Master Award at Performance Support Symposium 2015.

DemoFest winners

This year’s mLearning  DemoFest featured 28 demonstrations presented by conference participants. They showed off their latest and greatest development efforts to hundreds of other attendees. This event gave everyone who attended an opportunity to see a wide variety of solutions to different eLearning and performance support challenges.

Demonstrators shared their insights about the tools, technologies, and processes that they used in building their projects. The audience voted on the demonstrations, and tabulation of the votes identified the best solutions. In addition, representatives from the mLearning DemoFest sponsor, Wisetail, also named the recipient of a special award.

Here are the winners in each category:

  • Best Alternative Solution: Nick Floro, “Mobile Learning Quickstart”
  • Best Blended Learning Solution: Lisa Goldstein and Emily Sheetz, “Nielsen Green Team”
  • Best Performance Support Solution: Brenda Enders, “UCF Health Patient Alert”
  • Best Game-based/Immersive/Simulation Solution: Michael Sheyahshe, “MoCom, Mo’ Learning”
  • Best Sales Training Solution: Jeff Joanisse, “Selling 101—Plan the Communication”
  • Best Social Learning Solution: Ari Bixhorn, “Onboarding New Employees with Video and Social Learning”
  • Wisetail Award: Tim Slade, “How to Cook a Turkey: A First-timers’ Guide to Thanksgiving”

Figure 1:
Tim Slade presenting his work at mLearning DemoFest

  • Best of Show, Vendor: Robert Gadd, “Samsung Galaxy S6 Product Launch for APAC”

Figure 2:
Robert Gadd explains his mobile learning application at mLearning DemoFest

  • Best of Show, Non-vendor: Jonathan Brasted and Anurag Jain, “Qualcomm’s Patent Wall Experience”

Figure 3: Anurag Jain surrounded by a crowd at his demo table