What Does the Science Say About How We Can Drive Peoples' Performance?

When you understand how learning happens, your ability to create effective learning increases. With the influx of technology, new approaches, and strategies bombarding us today, we can lose sight of the deeper understanding of how, where, and when learning happens.

The Science of Learning Summit will explore the research on how people learn and then apply those new skills in the workplace. You will walk away with a stronger understanding of your audience, including what motivates them, how to remove their barriers to acquiring and applying new knowledge, and strategies to improve practice and performance. This Summit aims to make the research practical by looking at how you can apply it into your own work.

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Here's What You Need to Know

Before we can truly impact our audience, we must understand them on a deeper level. This can happen by exploring how, when, and where people learn. Sessions at the Science of Learning Summit will take a look at this theme from a practical standpoint.

Highlights Include:

Hear from the Experts

These eight strategists will dive into the strategies and approaches you can take that will be the most beneficial for your work.

Jane Bozarth
Director of Research
The eLearning Guild

Julie Dirksen
Learning Strategist
Usable Learning
Author of Design for How People Learn

Karl Kapp
Bloomsburg University

Connie Malamed
Learning Experience Designer
Connie Malamed Consulting
Publisher of eLearning Coach

Mirjam Neelen
Learning Advisory Manager/Learning Experience Design Lead

Clark Quinn
Executive Director
Author of Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions: Debunking Learning Myths and Superstitions

Patti Shank
Learning Peaks LLC
Author of Manage Memory for Deeper Learning

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