Beyond the L&D Bubble: Leveraging Community to Create Value

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Webinars - March 24, 2021

Michelle Ockers

Learning Uncut and Organizational Learning Strategist

In today’s complex world your connection to others is critical for your success as an L&D professional. Accessing fresh perspectives, insights and tools is critical for us to make sense of what is happening around us. Getting beyond our bubble – both inside and outside of the organizations we work in – helps us to see things differently and spot opportunities that we may otherwise be blind to. Partnering with others allows L&D to harness diverse perspectives and skills to address those opportunities and create business value. 

This Learning Guild webinar is sponsored by Go1. Your host, Michelle Ockers, founder of Learning Uncut and Organizational Learning Strategist, will guide you through an exploration of key strategies for cross-disciplinary discovery and partnering to create greater business value. 

Join this interactive webinar for tactics to:

  • Increase your exposure to cross-disciplinary knowledge and practices
  • Use community to spot and understand opportunities
  • Work interdependently to create more effective solutions


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