How to Shoot Professional Video on Your Phone That's Actually Engaging

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Webinars - May 26, 2020

Chad Lakin

Vice President - North America
Shootsta Inc.

When a viewer retains up to 95% of a message when presented in a video, versus only 10% with text, it's a no brainer — it's time to start scaling video content for your learning and development program. But it's not without its challenges, particularly when resources are limited, you can’t get into the office, and don’t always have an available team to help you shoot. In this webinar we'll present why video is an effective tool for L&D programs (hint: your brain likes it!), how to structure your message to keep learners interested, and tips and tricks to get started making great videos using just your mobile phone.


  • Why video is so effective
  • The 3-10-30 rule
  • The latest tips, tricks, and tools for high quality video shot from home
  • Q&A


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