In many organizations, there is a need to better identify and document a comprehensive learning strategy and to answer the question, "What should we be doing in order to support improved learning and performance?" This eBook will help you make a broad, fundamental connection between learning, eLearning, and your organization's mission, business objectives, and the bottom line. Chapters address everything from crafting a focused strategy, to keeping your strategy focused, to change management. Refocus on eLearning strategy and insure that your eLearning technology and methodology investments pay off and so you can achieve your eLearning goals!

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Bill Brandon

Editor, Learning Solutions, The Learning Guild

Lance Dublin

CEO & Chief Solution Architect, Dublin Consulting

Frank Hanfland

Manager Training Technologies & Interactive Media, Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

Kevin Moore

Senior Learning Solutions Architect, Co-founder, TiER1 Healthcare, LLC

Marc Rosenberg

President, Marc Rosenberg and Associates

Patti Shank

President, Learning Peaks

Ryan Watkins

Associate Professor, George Washington University

Lisa Young

e.learning Design Specialist, TELUS Mobility