Explore this report to learn more of the shared challenges and opportunities for L&D and HR to collaborate on:

  • Bridging the gap in technology skills and accessing technology tools to onboard remote employees
  • Career pathing
  • Building a leadership pipeline
  • Competency mapping
  • Performance management
  • Transforming culture
  • Data-driven decision making

Sometimes described as having a symbiotic or, at least, parallel relationship, discover what L&D wishes HR knew and what HR wishes L&D knew.

While in the past HR technologies were mostly huge databases supporting transactions, HR is increasingly moving toward “people resources” with an interest in the complete employee experience. Download this report to learn more about these HR technology trends:

  • People Analytics: Evidence based HR
  • Cloud-based HRMS systems
  • Performance Management
  • AI and machine learning in HR
  • Blockchain for HR
  • Employee engagement platforms

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