As workplace learning-and-performance professionals, we live in a world of shiny toys and darkness. While we have passion and good intentions, we are unable to maximize performance because we are infected with misinformation about how learning really works. Our brains are captured by the slick promise of new fads, the weight of traditional but inadequate models, and our tendency to please our business masters. While scientific research is a good starting point for building a base of common knowledge for our field, many of us rely more on opinions and poorly conceived benchmarking.

In this session, we’ll talk with Dr. Will Thalheimer, who has spent the last 15 years working to bridge the gap between research and practice. We’ll ask him to share some of his research findings, talk about the state of the industry, and make recommendations on how to create best-in-class eLearning and transform our organizations into ones that truly maximize on-the-job performance.

Session Video