For many eLearning developers, the “tools of the trade” are a double-edged sword. Tools make eLearning development easier — even possible in cases where course development would otherwise take too much time or effort. While these tools have contributed to the ease of eLearning development, they have also limited development many ways. Due to the way most eLearning development tools work, much eLearning is still stuck in the slide-based metaphor — an inform-and-assess mode that isn’t engaging for most users.

Participants in this session will be encouraged to look beyond tools, to upcoming technologies such as HTML5 and jQuery that will dominate an increasingly technologically diverse and increasingly mobile world. You’ll see not only see demonstrations of these technologies, but also see and learn about the code behind each demo. You’ll be challenged to take your development skills to the next level as you look at the demands that a more diverse technological world will place on you — and you’ll find out how to best develop your skills to be ready to serve future learners.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify the most important technologies underlying eLearning tools
  • How diversification of technology will affect eLearning development
  • About the shortcomings of current eLearning approaches in the context of a more mobile learner base
  • To identify the most important skills to future-proof your career in eLearning development