This session will show you how integral the informal, organic, social learning through the Yammer network was in building a learning organization at Deckers Outdoor Corporation. They’ve found that what makes their employees most successful is what they learn from each other, not what they learn from the content offered in the formal programs. As a global organization, Yammer provided Deckers the space they needed to learn from each other in real-time.

Participants in this case-study session will learn how Deckers leveraged the power of the crowd through Yammer to drive continuous improvement, innovation, and a culture of learning in the organization. You’ll explore the intersection among learning, social networking, social media, and the role of Yammer in building a true learning organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the crowd in Yammer to build a culture of learning
  • How to enhance employee learning through Yammer
  • Strategies to maximize executive adoption of Yammer to drive learning in the organization
  • Practical tips for your own Yammer learning deployment