Today’s trainees expect eLearning — including serious games and simulations — to be available on demand and on portable devices. Is it possible to design a game engine to work in the cloud and service concurrent users?

Participants in this session will first learn some of the basic concepts and terminology around games and simulation design and development. (We won’t assume you’re a programmer!) You’ll gain an overview of cloud-based, serious-gaming architecture and identify scalability considerations and potential chokepoints. You’ll explore a modular software model that can facilitate an agile approach to simulation development. And you’ll learn about CommandPlan, an incident-command training simulation currently residing on the web, and lessons learned from CommandPlan’s three-year research and development process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The general architecture of a cloud-based gaming/simulation platform
  • How to design a modular simulation, enabling iterative development
  • Solutions for being device and plug-in agnostic
  • How a simulation can interact with a SCORM LMS