Training organizations often serve multiple audiences. Whether it’s soft skills, compliance, or technical training, your audience consists of people of all shapes and sizes with differing skill sets and experience. Research tells us that the most effective training is designed with a specific audience in mind, but how do you figure out who that audience is? How do you ensure that instructional designers (IDs) focus on the same learners? How can you target your training so your content’s tone, level, and examples are just right for your audience?

Participants in this session will explore how IDs can use personas to help focus on their target audiences and build scenario-based, context-rich eLearning courses that resonate with learners. Personas help answer questions about your learners such as: What do they already know? What is their job? How motivated are they to learn? Knowing these things can ensure you are creating the right level of training for the right people so you can develop scenarios, context, and instruction relevant to your audience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Best practices for creating effective personas
  • How personas can help you clarify your training audiences
  • How personas can help you focus your ID on what’s important to your learners
  • The benefits of using personas in developing content that is contextual and scenario driven
  • How used personas to revamp an entire training catalog