The number of online courses is growing rapidly. It’s predicted that within the next ten years, over half of instruction will take place online. Universities need to help professors acclimate to online learning environments. By default, Information Technology (IT) departments have filled this role through Learning Management Systems administration and support of faculty technology needs. Increasingly, however, libraries are recognizing a potential match between faculty’s instructional-design needs and libraries’ focus on education and research, a customer-service approach, and leadership in integrating collaborative technologies into coursework. Given the potential for fragmentation between two major stakeholders, how  can libraries and IT departments best collaborate to help faculty succeed in online learning environments?

Participants in this session will learn how staff at SUNY Geneseo’s Milne Library is approaching this issue. You’ll see how the newly minted role of Instructional Design Librarian, paired with two other key players from the library, have formed a Library Instructional Design Team that investigates and propels instructional-design initiatives — beginning gradually within the library but aspiring to expand into the campus community.  You’ll also hear how the team is collaborating with other stakeholders to identify the intersections among each stakeholder’s service roles on campus and the strengths and each stakeholder’s skills pertaining to instructional design.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify ways in which the library can play an instrumental role in instructional-design efforts
  • About concrete examples of learning objects produced by librarians
  • Brainstorming strategies for collaborating with cross-departmental stakeholders
  • About future plans for instructional-design initiatives in higher education



All Contributors

Michelle Costello

Education and Instructional Design Librarian, Milne Library, SUNY Geneseo

Kimberly Davies-Hoffman

Coordinator of Instruction and Reference Services, Milne Library, SUNY Geneseo

Corey Ha

Instructional Technologist, Milne Library, SUNY Geneseo