A decade ago, many were questioning the real value of Instructional Design (ID). Some practitioners were convinced the ID process had become obsolete. Today, however, it seems that more learning professionals than ever are interested in the ID process. But there can be barriers to getting full support for your ID process and practice from internal clients and management. In a world where organizations want faster results than ever before, few people fully understand the value in analysis before design, in measureable learning objectives, and in ID and measurement in general.

So how do you sell the value of ID? Through positive results! For your organization to truly embrace your ID process and to make good ID practices sustainable, you must gain the support of your Subject Matter Experts, your clients, your learners, and especially your own manager. Participants in this session will discuss strategies for gaining this support and for providing real value through ID. These strategies will help you develop high-value learning for your organization, provide a positive return on invest for project sponsors, avoid costly rework, and strengthen teamwork.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify the true cost of learning in your organization
  • Three strategies for creating real value and reducing costs with quality ID practices
  • About three case studies in which ID has provided real value
  • Three strategies for communicating real value through positive examples