Although they create similar content, are supported by the same subject matter experts (SMEs), and face many of the same challenges, Training and Technical Publications rarely play well together. In most organizations, they are two different entities, reporting through entirely different management chains. Educationally, Training and Technical Publications professionals comes from different backgrounds and possess different skill sets. Personalities clash. Yet the opportunities for sharing and reusing content between training and technical publications abound. With organizations regularly seeking cost-saving measures, we should not overlook the opportunities for working together.

Participants in this session will explore the common obstacles to collaboration between Training and Technical Publications — and how to overcome these obstacles. You’ll discuss organizational differences, educational differences, differences in deliverables and deadlines, differences in development processes, toolset incompatibilities, and more. You’ll gain specific ideas for how to wave the olive branch to Technical Publications and begin collaborating with them to expand Training’s capacity and improve time to market.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The traditional reasons Training and Technical Publications don’t work together
  • How to overcome obstacles for working with Technical Publications
  • Potential tools and standards that can help the two groups work together
  • Strategies for convincing upper management of the value of working together