There is a gap moving from formal education to the professional world. Academic programs on instructional design can be theory-heavy, and don’t always provide much practical application for would-be instructional designers to segue from academia to industry. There needs to be a bridge between the theory and application of instructional-design principles and the use of emerging learning technologies.

Participants in this session will explore an instructional-design strategy for a Master’s level Instructional Game Design course. You’ll examine the considerations for melding instructional objectives with appropriate content — all within the parameters of providing an applied course on how to use games for learning and training from an instructional designer’s (rather than from a game designer’s) point of view.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What instructional games are
  • What to consider when designing a practical-application course
  • What to consider when designing an instructional games course for instructional designers
  • Strategies for matching instructional content with appropriate game genres