If we agree that engagement is a key challenge for developers of online course content, then we must ask ourselves why so many courses are not engaging. Does technology offer new opportunities that classroom learning might miss? What can we learn from kindergarten teachers? What can we learn from games? How can we make engaging courses easily on a low budget?

Participants in this session will explore these and other questions. Through several examples, you’ll see why the principal of making an online course too “idiot-proof” is counterproductive, and why building in a level of challenge and discovery is not only more effective for engaging learners, but drives levels of retention and learning higher, and increases participation rates and learner satisfaction.

In this session, you will learn:

  • A simple approach to online course design
  • How to increase levels of learner engagement
  • Alternative ways to present content
  • How to use conditional branching effectively
  • How to constantly force the learner to make decisions