In the past few years, vendors have labeled almost every new authoring tool as “rapid.” But are these tools really rapid? More importantly, will they help you create excellent eLearning? Is one tool enough, or should you combine them? The eLearning Guild recently published the research report, Rapid eLearning Authoring: Top Tools, which examines which rapid tools eLearning Guild members are using to create eLearning.

Participants in this session will explore The Guild’s research on rapid eLearning authoring tools and gain Joe’s insight borne of almost 30 years in the industry using and becoming proficient in many tools. You’ll learn which rapid tools today are the most popular and why, how many different tools people use, and how the number of tools used has changed over the years. You’ll also explore in more detail the top seven tools the research revealed, some of which you might be using already and some that might be new to you or that you’re considering adopting. Finally, you’ll learn about brand-new tools that become available in the months just before this session.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify the advantages and disadvantages of different rapid eLearning authoring tools
  • To recognize the toolmaker “dilemma” and how it affects you directly
  • To determine which tools work together well and which don’t
  • To calculate the costs of using different tools
  • To choose the appropriate tools for your needs