Have you ever made a mistake so obvious that, in hindsight, you could only groan in self-reproach? That’s a blunder. And in eLearning, design blunders are downright common. Participants in this webinar will learn to recognize and prevent blunders such as objectively bad objectives, failure to motivate, immobile learning, inappropriate lust for (and trust in) tools, creating media rather than learning experiences, teaching when telling is better, ignoring the 800-pound Google in the room, letting “experts” dictate content, designing for “the” learner, implementing tests that fail, outsourcing to bait-and-switch vendors, and more. After participating in this webinar, you’ll be able to to recognize and correct common blunders, rework your design process to prevent blunders, and avoid the subtle traps of human nature that lead good designers to do dumb things.


Session Video