Stale, boring eLearning is pervasive, but even the most engaging and interactive eLearning doesn’t typically hold a learner’s attention past the final quiz, much less throughout the course. Storytelling, on the other hand, enables us to engage learners with an interesting narrative and to present content in a relevant context. This leads to increased knowledge transfer and retention. Enhanced stories could enable us to keep learners connected with the content and with other learners after the course is over. The challenge is: How can we kick our storytelling up a notch to achieve these goals?

Participants in this session will explore transmedia storytelling, a technique in which stories are told across multiple platforms. One popular example is the television show Lost. Viewers who watched Lost (and sometimes the commercials) were directed to parallel story lines delivered online and offline as websites, games, novels, and more. Transmedia storytelling is widespread in popular culture, but has yet to catch on in training and development. In this session, you’ll see examples of transmedia in popular culture, discuss the benefits of transmedia storytelling as a teaching tool, and brainstorm ways to integrate transmedia storytelling into your eLearning programs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How storytelling can enhance your eLearning programs
  • About ways stories are being told with social media
  • About ways transmedia storytelling is being used in popular culture
  • About ideas for integrating transmedia storytelling into an eLearning