Information flies. Organizations crawl. Most organizations are having trouble keeping up with the increasing demand of creating and maintaining their formal training content. Most learning professionals know they are only providing the tip of what employees really need to know to do their job. Meanwhile, employees are trying to survive each day by making mistakes, asking questions, and getting by. Many employees are re-inventing the wheel in their own territory, workspace, or department. What if these workers could easily share knowledge with each other?  What if organizations not only supported top-down training, but encouraged peer-to-peer learning?

Participants in this session will see case studies where several Fortune 500 companies have crowd-sourced the long tail of their training program by launching “learning communities” where employees share knowledge with each other.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the shift from training to learning
  • How to launch a learning community
  • How to turn a small pool of early adopters into a healthy community of performers