Experience teaching face-to-face classes may not prepare trainers for developing and facilitating dynamic online courses that provide students with rich, collaborative learning experiences. The same techniques trainers found effective in their face-to-face classes are not as effective in the online environment. Simply enhancing presentations or adding components for student input, such as polls or chat, may intrigue students but these adjustments don’t have a notable effect on learning and they don’t capitalize on the powerful learning tools available online.

Session participants will learn a method of preparing trainers by involving them in the design process of developing interactive, collaborative online courses. This new collaborative online learning pedagogy will help participants become aware of other options to transform their teaching practices and engage learners in their own meaning-making with others. You’ll learn new approaches to course design that are best suited for online learners, and how the course-development process and subsequent teaching of the course itself will inform and hopefully transform their pedagogical practices toward more constructivist methods that complement the way adults learn.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategies for online course development using a constructivist framework
  • How to engage learners in online collaborative activities
  • Strategies for transforming teaching into collaborative pedagogy
  • How to design engaging activities and select relevant assessments
  • How to get the most from geographically dispersed Subject Matter Experts
  • How to integrate learning outcomes with online coursework
  • The opportunities and challenges arising from this collaborative course design



All Contributors

Sharon Chaplock

Director of Education and Operations, EDI

Carrianne Hayslett

Instructional Designer and Adjunct Professor, Marquette University

Heidi Schweizer

Associate Professor, Marquette University College of Education