Most e-Learning platforms tend to be rigid, expensive, complex, and proprietary. They constrain the designer into following questionable templates and formats. The resulting training material patronizes adult learners with tiny bits of information interspersed with trivial test items. The Four-Door Approach to e-Learning Design provides a flexible alternative. It treats adults as competent learners and avoids distracting them with bells and whistles. It empowers the participants to control the sequence of learning activities to better suit their individual styles.

Participants in this interactive session will learn the Four-Door design principles. By applying the principles to a training topic of your choice, you’ll leave this session with a blueprint for your first module that uses a design approach many corporate designers have found to be effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The characteristics, functions, and benefits of the four components of a Four-Door Approach e-Learning module
  • How a participant works through a Four-Door Approach e-Learning course
  • How to construct an authentic performance test to specify the desired outcome for an e-Learning course
  • How to incorporate a variety of content materials such as Flash games, social media, and discussion forums in an e-Learning course