One of the biggest challenges designers have is focusing the learning experience on the right outcome. Sponsor expectations, available resources, and lack of a common definition of learning transfer are just a few of the many issues that impact the design of outcomes. The lack of a clear focus in the design leads to other issues: lack of clarity on what to include in a design, slower design process, activity choices that do not “flow,” low learner engagement, or low learning impact. Designers are looking for a simple, integrated framework to use that links outcomes with design choice. Lack of focus and clarity in desired outcomes translates to an inefficient design process, so crafting clear behavior-based outcomes is critical to effective training design. 

Participants in this session will learn how to identify four key outcomes that shape learning transfer: value, knowledge, skill, and adaptation. You’ll get job aids, including the Needs Analysis Question Inventory, to define outcomes before design begins, and learn to use these aids to link activity choices to your desired outcomes.

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How crafting behavior-based outcomes in four key areas will accelerate the design process
  • How to apply a four-part needs assessment model to focus the outcome development process
  • How to use the Needs Analysis Question Inventory to craft outcomes
  • How to integrate the needs analysis and e-Learning design processes, improving training results and warp-speeding design