iLearning: How to Create an Innovative Learning Organization

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Thought Leaders Webinar Series - August 18, 2009

Mark Salisbury

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology Program
University of New Mexico

iLearning is an organizational strategy — a way for an organization to create a window of opportunity to build on what it knows, to solve problems in new and innovative ways. At a deeper layer, it’s a tactic — a pulling back from the process of work to focus on the knowledge of the work, and growing that knowledge. This session is based on Mark Salisbury’s new book, iLearning: How to Create an Innovative Learning Organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to define an iLearning Organization
  • How to describe the work and learning processes of an iLearning organization
  • To recognize how to accept new knowledge in an iLearning Organization
  • How to apply methodologies for supporting an iLearning Organization

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