Stories have the power to truly reach people and inspire action. They allow a storyteller to forge a personal connection with their audience and create situations where learners are likely to be actively engaged with the content, leading to higher levels of long-term information retention. As more organizations embrace the work-from-anywhere movement, the ability to provide low-investment/high-impact learning solutions that can be accessed on-demand will be key. One design solution tailor-made for the current moment is the use of narrative podcasting, for fiction and non-fiction audio stories.

In this session we will discuss some reasons your organization should consider embracing narrative podcasting as a learning tool, and provide an introduction to popular narrative structures utilized by professional podcasters today. We will also share a blueprint for how your organization can get started creating narrative podcasts. You'll learn audio production tricks and storytelling techniques—used by some of the most respected and successful modern podcasters—that you can harness to strengthen the quality of your own learning podcasts.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Commonly used storytelling structures for both fiction and non-fiction podcasts
  • How to craft engaging audio-only narratives
  • Tips for writing and recording narrative podcasts
  • Audio production tricks and storytelling techniques to apply to your own learning podcasts


Session Video