Everyone wants to go micro and many of us have already done so. But going micro is more than just delivering bite-sized content. It's about focusing on the learner and their needs. There are many different use cases and formats for microlearning, and they meet learner needs in different ways. This creates a tremendous challenge for us to identify the best design practices, delivery approaches, and implementation methods. When we understand HOW we are going micro and HOW we are meeting the learner's needs, we deliver microlearning that has value for the learner.

In this session you'll identify how to go micro with the greatest impact for your learners. First we'll discuss why microlearning needs to be learner centered, and consider your specific learner and their needs. Then we'll share four primary uses of microlearning and look at real examples of these different types of microlearning and how they are learner centered. Then you will consider how you can use these types of microlearning in your own curriculum and design them to be learner centered. You will leave this session with a renewed focus on your learner, fresh ideas for incorporating microlearning into your organization, and practical tips to make those ideas a reality.


Session Video