This webinar showcases one of the best-rated, most popular sessions, speakers, or topics from DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo, now available to all through this special online presentation.

As technology changes day-to-day life, it is fascinating to imagine what the future will bring. As a learning and development professional, however, it’s very hard to keep up the pace. What technology will be trending and will change the way people live and learn, and what technology will be nothing but hype? Will augmented reality really disrupt learning? And how about virtual reality and wearable tech? And, more importantly, will you ever be able to afford those technologies as learning-supporting tools?

During this session, participants will discuss some of the latest technologies by exploring some really cool free or inexpensive tools and apps that can amplify learning. Those tools and apps could change the way L&D supports learning and can have an impact on your employees. After this session, you will be on top of the latest trends and technologies, and you’ll see the benefits of adopting those tools as verified learning partners.


Session Video