A good way to learn how to do something well is to see examples of similar work that others have done well and are willing to show. And a good way to improve your own work is to show it to your peers. For many years, eLearning Guild DemoFests have provided learning professionals the opportunity to show, review, and discuss a variety of learning-project demonstrations. How do you get the most value from showing your work and from seeing the work that others show?

In this opening session, Jane Bozarth, author of Show Your Work,  and Karen Hyder, who has coached numerous DemoFest winners on how to best show their work online, will discuss the many benefits of showing our work. For those interested in showing, you’ll explore how “working out loud” can save you time and money while improving your work, how to solicit valuable feedback from your peers and coworkers, and why showing your work can be fast and easy. For those interested in seeing the work of others, you’ll discuss what questions to ask, how to give feedback, and how to best relate what you see to your own work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why showing your work is an important tool for professional, industry, and organizational development
  • How to get the greatest value from showing your work
  • How to benefit from viewing the work of others
  • How to provide valuable feedback to those who show
  • How to use what you’ve seen for your own work


eLearning, mLearning, and performance-support professionals at every level of experience.