I read several articles and blog posts daily as part of my ongoing professional development. Each week, I curate a few of my favorites, including a brief introduction explaining why I find the article valuable and recommend you read it.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • Examples of how AI enhances learning experiences
  • XR highlights from SXSW that could impact learning
  • An exploration of how balanced onboarding boosts employee engagement
  • A detailed guide to crafting effective professional emails
  • An examination of how we quantify soft skills in organizations

AI's Fusion with Hands-On Workshops Is Transforming Learning
This article by Markus Bernhardt explores the emerging integration of AI into L&D, showcasing how conversational and experiential AI technologies are creating personalized and immersive learning scenarios that transform traditional training methods into dynamic, interactive experiences.

XR at SXSW: The Wow Factor
In order to see how technologies will change the world of learning and development, I often look outside L&D, exploring how technology changes our everyday experiences in an increasingly digital world, and what those trends might mean for the future of how we learn. This article by Charles Fink is one such example, examining some of the most interesting AR & VR examples from the recent SXSW conference.

Onboarding New Employees — Without Overwhelming Them
This article by Julia Phelan examines the importance of a well-structured onboarding process that balances the amount of information provided to new hires, showing that effective onboarding increases employee productivity, engagement, and retention while reducing turnover through strategic information distribution, clear expectations, and an inclusive environment.

How to Write an Email
The quality of our learning programs is often shaped by the communications we have with stakeholders, and the reality is much of that communication takes place via email. This article by Abby Tuggle provides a comprehensive guide on crafting effective professional emails, emphasizing the importance of engaging subject lines, proper formatting, and strategic use of visuals to enhance communication.

Soft landing
Ryan Tracey's article explores the distinctions between hard and soft skills, illustrating how soft skills, traditionally viewed as qualitative and subjective, can indeed be quantified and standardized through targeted outcomes and specific performance metrics. The article challenges and expands upon the conventional understanding of skill measurement in organizations.

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