Do you say “Oh shoot!” when you need to do a new video project? Are you stuck in the rut of churning out the same old stale videos? Sometimes you can use less-than-conventional ways to capture, edit, and deploy your videos without spending a lot of time and resources. These ways are easy to apply, make a difference, and actually work. Misfit ideas and techniques are not just for creative geniuses—anyone can apply them.

Participants in this session will learn that sometimes you need to break your standard go-to routines and use less-than-conventional ways to capture, edit, and deploy your videos. For example, have you ever used parts of a skateboard to make your video look amazing? This is just one misfit tip of many that will help keep your videos fresh and unique, and help keep your audience playing them over and over again. During this session, you’ll get clear step-by-step instructions, see video examples, and get demonstrations of actual hardware so you leave filled with inspiration and a clear action plan to implement on your own.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How shooting with a DSLR camera will make you look really good
  • How to stop being so stuffy and show learners your fun side
  • How using everyday devices you already own can make you look like a video professional
  • How slideshows can fool your learners into thinking that it’s an awesome video you worked on for hours

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, managers, and directors.