As a strategy, the virtual classroom is sometimes treated like the last kid who gets picked for the team. We don’t really want it, but due to the business constraints, we have to go with it. Some learning designers live with the limitations and accept them as status quo. Bolder, more creative designers have taken on these limitations as a challenge, and are building interactive courses filled with thought-provoking content, interactive group activities, and a plethora of post-course resources—only to have a spattering of learners even look at it. What’s missing? In the quest for the ultimate virtual-classroom learning experience, we still face the challenge of capturing the elusive learner engagement and thus, the performance improvement we seek.

In this session, you’ll see that, as we look forward, the changes in our global economy are requiring a change in how we prepare our growing workforce of the future. The next generation of virtual-classroom design must factor in the trends that are changing how people learn and consume knowledge. As designers, we cannot measure our success by how quickly we’re able to deliver a virtual class or by how many people attend our course. Rather, measurements of success must be driven by the factors that impact performance and produces change. As change agents, we need to break out of the traditional learning structures and be willing to blaze a trail for training solutions that have yet to be created. We’ve got a future to save; let’s do this!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the virtual classroom has evolved over the past decade
  • The current and future trends driving how people acquire and consume knowledge
  • The emerging technologies that will dramatically transform virtual learning as we know it
  • The paradigms that must shift and the mindsets that we should adopt as we pivot in the changing economy
  • Ways to introduce cutting-edge solutions in a risk-adverse corporate learning environment

Beginner through advanced learning pioneers who want to position themselves strategically in the emerging learning revolution.

Please note that the Adobe Connect recording of this session has technical issues, so we have posted an MP4 version instead, which does not have the same functionality and quality of the Adobe Connect version.