We have learned how to create solutions that use interactions on the screen so the learners are not just clicking the “Next” button until they get to the assessment. But learners still look for a way to get through the learning quickly so they can “get back to their real jobs.” How do we help those going through the experience make the connections between the ideas being presented and what they really do on the job? One way to help learners make these connections is through the use of storytelling. We know that we learn from stories, so why not leverage this in our learning experiences?

In this session, you’ll explore different storytelling techniques and how to apply these techniques to your content. Writing and telling stories is not as difficult as it looks, and can help create very engaging experiences. You don’t need to be an award-winning author or have studied writing in college to write a story that draws people into learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The key elements of story
  • How stories are structured and what structure to use for different types of content
  • Ways to bring your story to life in an eLearning experience
  • How to look for stories while working with subject-matter experts, business partners, and team members

Novice designers, managers, and SMEs with basic instructional-design knowledge.