Most courses don’t include scenarios, and as a result, they don’t provide any way for the learner to make real-life decisions related to his or her job. A lack of scenario-based content also makes content less relevant and meaningful to learners.

In this session, you’ll learn how to develop simple scenarios that include characters and decision-making. These scenarios bring life and context to eLearning and show real-life decisions and their consequences. You’ll discover an easy way to create your own scenarios in eLearning, which is one of the best methods for making content relevant and meaningful to learners. Scenarios are also a great way to test whether learners can actually apply the appropriate knowledge and skills to real-life decisions. You’ll see examples of scenarios built in PowerPoint and Storyline.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of creating relevant characters for scenarios
  • Tips for building the context for your scenarios
  • How to get learners to make real-life decisions
  • Methods of providing feedback that illustrate real-life consequences
  • How to create a scenario-based question

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, and project managers. No specific knowledge other than basic knowledge of eLearning is required.