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Online Forums 2014 - August 15, 2014
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Katie Stroud

Master Story Crafter
Incremental Success

By now the power of story has made a case for its place in learning retention, but how exactly do you turn your content into a story? Specifically, how do you draw a remote audience into your story? Everyone knows how to tell a story, but figuring out how to apply storytelling to instructional content presents different challenges.

Participants in this session will learn specific techniques that can help you convert your learning content into stories that people remember. Four different instructional story models address challenges for changing behavior, remembering data, creating awareness, and embracing new technology. Unleash your creativity and give your content a story that establishes authority and empowers your audience. You’ll gain specific tools that will immediately transform any project you’re currently working on.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of story in instructional design and delivery
  • Specific methods for transforming instructional content into a story
  • Four instructional-story models to use in different settings
  • Techniques for drawing the audience into your instructional story
  • Techniques for defining characters in your instructional story
  • How to impact corporate goals with storytelling instruction

Designers, developers, and managers with some knowledge of instructional design. Also, a childlike imagination is useful but not necessary.


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