The Little Red Schoolhouse: An Old Model for a New Age

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Online Forums 2014 - July 18, 2014
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Dawn Clineman

Associate Director of Distance Learning
University of Cincinnati

Carolyn Stoll

Instructional Designer
University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati, trying to find practical ways to help faculty create a student-centered online learning experience, found an image of a little red schoolhouse. This catapulted the faculty into a conversation around how earlier teachers managed to teach so many ages and abilities in one room all at the same time. “Little red schoolhouse” evokes images of a small, one-room school in a rural area, where a single teacher teaches children of all ages. But here are some other words you can use to think of that one-room school: interaction, facilitated learning, individualized instruction, and independent learners.

Participants in this fun, interactive session will learn how to adapt the methods employed by one-room schoolteachers to use technology to meet the needs of modern online learners. Using the lens of the little red schoolhouse, you’ll discuss the critical success factors for online teaching and share specific technology strategies for implementing those factors.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the teaching methods of the little red schoolhouse are also suited to today’s online learners
  • Methods for fostering student-to-student, student-to-content, and student-to-instructor interaction
  • How to shift the role of the instructor from being the center of the classroom to that of being a facilitator
  • How to individualize instruction

Intermediate designers, developers, and teachers with knowledge of instructional-design content development, andragogy vs. pedagogy, and current and emerging instructional technology, particularly as it pertains to blended learning in higher education.


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