Some financial-industry employees are legally required to take courses annually on topics such as anti-bribery and anti-corruption, but many financial organizations have difficulty identifying which employees require this training. This was true at American Express, where compliance courses were mandatory for every employee regardless of job title or access to financial information. Thus, many employees took training unrelated to their positions, leading to productivity loss, potential learner frustration, and the risk that job-title-relevant training might not get the appropriate focus. Recognizing that properly targeting training could increase learner satisfaction and company productivity, American Express implemented a solution to target compliance training only to required learners. One of the strategy’s key components is using an enterprise-wide questionnaire to determine which compliance courses are relevant for which employees.

Participants in this session will explore how American Express reengineered their process to reduce unnecessary training, provide regulators with required compliance documentation, and enhance learner experience and company productivity. You’ll examine the process they used to integrate the questionnaire into their LMS, see how they use that data to dynamically target training, and discuss best practices for targeting compliance training.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to design an employee-job-role questionnaire that is in compliance with worldwide regulatory agencies
  • How to collect data from managers that you can use to customize training
  • How to increase training productivity while staying in compliance with legal requirements
  • How to create dynamic audiences to assign training in the Sum Total Enterprise LMS
  • Best practices for displaying training-completion data in an analytics platform

Advanced designers, developers, and managers who are familiar with their organizations’ LMSs and have a desire to better target training using their LMSs.