Most learning projects probably proceed like routine train trips: once destinations are established, they stay on track from start to finish. Occasionally, though, something happens along the way—a subject-matter expert fails to provide the appropriate content to power the project, or the sponsor throws the brake just as the design engine was picking up speed and momentum—and suddenly there’s an impending train wreck where a great learning solution should have been.

Participants in this session will “ride along” on two real-world learning projects that were on their way to becoming train wrecks. You’ll see how in one case, the designer managed to bring her project promptly and safely to its destination, while in the other case, the project limped into the station well behind schedule and absent important parts … and crew members. Through these two examples, you’ll see how to get—and keep—everyone on board your projects.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to master the paradox of “the box”
  • How to use your “TIC-kit” to commit your crew to the journey and to the end point
  • How to ensure everyone can quickly and clearly see the destination ahead, regardless of his or her position on the project

Novice-to-intermediate designers and developers, and their managers who are familiar with learning projects.