There is an overlap between user-experience (UX) design and performance support (PS), but practitioners in those fields usually don’t notice or address the overlap. Additionally, PS practitioners might not be aware of the benefits of user-testing methodologies employed by UX designers that could help focus and refine PS interventions.

In this case-study session, you’ll learn from a PayPal UX-design user-testing session. You’ll see representative users interact with a design prototype to look for usability and/or comprehension issues. This particular design included elements of PS to help the user complete the flows, and you’ll see how PS was a critical element of the overall UX design. You’ll also learn how the design-testing methodology was effective for creating a message that gave users exactly what they needed to complete the task.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of performance support (PS) to overall user-experience (UX) design
  • The method PayPal employs to test UX designs
  • How you can apply this testing method to PS
  • That UX designers often practice PS without being aware of it

Novice-to-intermediate learning professionals, including managers, directors, VPs, CLOs, and executives. No prior PS or UX experience or knowledge required.