Imagine a world where each television channel required you to own a unique type of television to watch. Picture a world where each model of car required a unique formulation of fuel. Finally, imagine an eLearning landscape where each learner’s complete learning portfolio was portable and available in every learning system he or she used. Standardization has facilitated the growth of numerous industries—one type of television for all channels, just a few fuel formulations for all models of cars. This type of standardization will benefit eLearning in the near future, and it will drag along the tools we use to create eLearning.

Participants in this session will explore how standardization will make eLearning the primary delivery mechanism for learning experiences worldwide. You’ll see demonstrations of how existing technologies can and will be leveraged to provide both portable learning experiences and portable student histories, and discuss how these developments will make those learning experiences more satisfying for learners and more effective for organizations.
In this session, you will learn:

  • What standardization and standards will positively affect eLearning
  • Why delivering eLearning content based on tool capabilities and bandwidth has hurt our industry
  • Cases where standardization has been successful
  • How you can prepare the learning you develop for the coming—and evolving—standards
  • How you can both future-proof and progress your career by understanding and adopting standards
  • How to select tools and learning ecosystems that will survive the coming standardization

Designers and developers who want to understand how their content can become part of a larger learning ecosystem.