Taking advantage of new mobile devices presents excellent learning opportunities for our employees and students. Sometimes we look for new ways to use technology, but sometimes it’s most useful to look for ways to apply older, proven techniques to new technologies. This session will look at the amazing opportunity that tablets and multi-touch eBooks provide in reviving “books” for learning.

Participants in this session will discuss and review examples of eBooks used for mLearning. You’ll learn how to use the multiplatform tool, Scrivener, to create eBook content you can deliver on multiple devices. Then, you’ll review the specific advantages that Apple’s free iBooks Author provides for enhancing that eBook content with the rich, interactive, multi-touch capabilities of the iPad. You’ll also discuss how new mLearning technologies have blurred the lines between interactive eBooks and eLearning courses, and develop a better understanding of how you can use eBooks in mLearning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How people are using eBooks today for eLearning
  • How you can use Scrivener to effectively organize your eBook content
  • The features of iBooks Author that enrich learning
  • Effective mLearning strategies that leverage eBooks
  • The basics of publishing multi-touch iBooks to the Apple iBooks store

Designers, developers, and managers looking for new delivery strategies. Participants should have a basic knowledge of eLearning instructional strategies and delivery options.