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Online Forums 2014 - January 23, 2014
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Elizabeth Israel

Instructional Designer/E-learning Developer

Creating and using “screencasts” to show complex concepts is a common technique in eLearning. With just a little bit of knowledge, you can use a tool such as TechSmith’s Camtasia to record what’s happening on a computer screen, including keystrokes, mouse movements, and narration, and then deliver or embed those recordings as standard video files to both desktop computers and mobile devices.

While this session cannot show you everything Camtasia can do, participants will examine some of the best uses of Camtasia for eLearning. You’ll discuss the tool’s strengths and weaknesses, explore a framework for developing your own screencasts, and learn the basic steps for recording, editing, and producing.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Ways you can use screencasts for eLearning
  • About Camtasia features that support eLearning
  • How to begin creating your own screencasts
  • How to optionally publish your screencasts to or to YouTube

Instructional designers/e-learning developers, trainers, and managers.


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