Making the Move to Mobile—Understanding How Device Affordances Affect Learning Design

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Online Forums 2013 - November 14, 2013
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Chad Udell

Chief Strategy Officer

As many organizations begin mLearning efforts, they often mistakenly put the technology considerations out in front: How will we develop this solution? Will we use Flash, HTML5, or something else? What eLearning tools can we use to create our mLearning? These types of questions only confuse the issue and hide the real problem; organizations are not thinking deeply enough about how to design useful solutions that take advantage of these new platforms to deliver uniquely mobile experiences to learners.

Participants in this session will explore the desire to develop without designing first. Chad will challenge your assumptions about what mLearning is and what the L&D team’s role is in organization performance. You’ll examine mobile-device sensors, capabilities, and augmentations through a series of interactive exercises and lively discussion. By illuminating some key ways that mobile devices aid professionals in getting their work done and jumpstarting real behavioral change and performance outcomes, Chad will direct you through an explanation of what these devices really mean for business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why simply jumping to the “How will we develop this?” question misses the point of focused mobile-user experience design
  • How you can address the needs of mobile learners through smart contextual design that leverages the unique capabilities of learners’ mobile devices
  • Why it is imperative that L&D teams rethink our role in the changing business climate


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