Are you an instructional designer who knows there is much more you could be doing beyond creating traditional courses and classroom training where information flows in one direction, from “experts” to “learners?” Is your organization trying to meet increasing training demands with dwindling expert resources? In today's business climate, it’s imperative that as instructional designers, we explore more efficient and more effective ways of meeting our objectives—or we risk becoming irrelevant.

In this context, session participants will examine a variety of easy-to-implement tactics for designing social and collaborative learning solutions that tap into the knowledge and brainpower of the learners themselves, rather than completelyrelying on subject-matter experts to supply learning content.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to incorporate social learning and real-time feedback into your courses
  • How to more efficiently manage dynamic learning content
  • How to improve communication among your stakeholders
  • How to use your existing authoring tools to facilitate collaborative learning
  • Ideas for connecting with your audience before and after training events