Transforming Utility Training and Support through Mobile Technology

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Online Forums 2013 - June 7, 2013
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Chuck Barritt

Sr. Learning Strategist
Pacific Gas & Electric

Traditionally, utility companies trained workers in classrooms with hands-on labs, followed by formal and lengthy on-the-job training. However, new mobile-learning demands, shorter classroom times, and ongoing qualification updates have led to an emphasis on eLearning, rich media, mobile technology, and social-learning tools.

Participants in this session will examine how PG&E Academy leveraged a business shift to new mobile technologies for utility field workers. You’ll explore examples of PG&E’s mobile-device applications, training-materials design, impact on job performance, and future goals. You’ll also see how PG&E uses videos, QR codes, 3-D device simulators, and shareware tools such as Quizlet on laptops, tablets, and smartphones before, during, and after training events.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How PG&E Academy used the introduction of new mobile devices to support new training tools and methods
  • What tools, templates, and technologies PG&E Academy uses to support mobile learning and social connectivity across 10,000 mobile workers
  • How new technologies and work procedures drove changes to PG&E’s instructor-led training, WBT, and job-support tools
  • What changes PG&E Academy needed to make to traditional apprentice-to-journeyman job progressions
  • How you can measure and evaluate the impact of new technologies and work procedures within your own organization


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