The use of virtual classrooms and webinars for learning has become common in many organizations. Most online presenters and participants are comfortable with the standard format: an introduction of the presenter, a review of the session agenda, a slide presentation with polls and chat interaction weaved throughout, and a final wrap-up with some Q&A. This is the new norm, but have we experienced optimal learning in these virtual spaces?

One of the main challenges for optimal online learning is maintaining learner engagement. While you might find it difficult to engage learners in the physical classroom, it’s even more daunting for online presenters who must compete for the attention of their multitasking and generally invisible audiences. Could adding fun and games drive more engagement and learning? Participants in this session will explore how online presenters and designers of virtual instructor-led training can use “edutainment” (educational entertainment) to overcome barriers to holistic and sensory learning in the virtual classroom. You’ll learn how to build an edutainment strategy that engages your learners’ whole brains throughout each phase of the learning process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The business case for building edutainment into your online presentations and trainings
  • The barriers to holistic and sensory learning in the virtual environment
  • Strategies for facilitating optimal learning at each phase of the learning process
  • How to use fun and games to build rapport, establish an atmosphere of shared social learning, and trigger internal learner motivation to apply what they have learned