How do we deliver on the promises of learning innovation while simultaneously meeting the practical realities of implementations and rollouts? Technology affords us new tools for personalizing the learning experience, but we need the right designs to leverage those tools on a massive scale and still provide effective learning experiences. Increased information, input, and feedback can provide dynamic context or just increased noise. Ambitious new learning solutions move beyond a simple blend of delivery modes to include a more relevant and learner-centric amalgam of instructional strategies.

Participants in this session will take a closer look at what’s currently changing—not in theory, but in practice—as we survey strategies for creating individual context. You’ll start with a model that identifies different strategies for personalization, then explore illustrations of each strategy with examples from recent projects, including designs for mobile, social, and blended solutions.  

In this session, you will learn:

  • A model for identifying individual context
  • Ten strategies for personalizing learning and performance support
  • About industry trends that will enable further personalization in the future